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    Cornelius Ellsonpeter wrote:
    z2bass wrote:
    How about you learn both? They are both VERY similar. They really don't have many differences. Most people split hairs over small features... but they esentually do the same stuff and both merge to IL. If you want a "feature-rich" language, I suggest you start learning IL
    Funny...I picked up a VB.NET book the other day. Both languages do share a lot in common. But if I go to the trouble of learning the IL, I'd take it a step further and build my own language!

    You can  look out there... there are MANY features that you can take advantage of in IL that you can't do in C# or VB. The features just haven't been integrated into the C#/VB languages.

    They are similar. People think that VB was "adopted" from previous versions and is just ploped into the .NET framework. That isn't the case. When they started development of .NET, they started on a fresh codebase and took the VB syntax with them, not the code. It's clean Smiley

    But C# is a great language... all .NET languages are great, in fact.