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    Must be thinking what it is ? Read on......
    Welcome, finally.

    "Over the last several weeks after launching this blog we’ve had several logistical issues to deal with and I’m hoping all of those are now addressed so we can get on with what you’ve been asking for, some great content!! Initially I had named the blog “hackers @ Microsoft” and tried to be pretty clear on the point that when we’re talking about hackers, we’re talking strictly white hat, legal and ethical hackers. However there was some concerns raised that the average blog reading audience may not be able to discern the difference, and we may inadvertently associate Microsoft with the negative connotations of the word “hacker” that is out there.
    So to alleviate that concern, I’ve changed the name of the blog to “%41%43%45%20%54%65%61%6d”. Most of you should know what that is, some of you may have to guess.

    We’re going to get underway quickly; we have many interesting things to talk about.

    Thanks for your patience!


    Type in the IE, http://%41%43%45%20%54%65%61%6d , and after error page generates , you can see the string in the address bar.

    Does it signifies anything? or connection with  Security, Performance & Privacy


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    Lord, young people today.

    it's simply URL encoding;


    unencoded becomes

    ACE Team

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    That's  correct ,
    or putting javascript:alert("%41%43%45%20%54%65%61%6d")
    in a web browser will also open up a alert window showing it.

    But this 'ACE team' has anything to do with Security, Performance & Privacy

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    If you have to ask...

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