I installed the vaunted Silverlight tonight. :O

I first tried it out in Firefox, and tried to view a few of the creations in the Silverlight 1.0 gallery. The piano demo was kind of flat, because it didn't even play music (I thought it would) and only a few of the keys worked.


Then I downloaded some of the demos to try them offline (Page Turner, Silverlight Pad). Both of them half-launched and then broke with Javascript errors. wtf? Sparkle Ball worked, but most of the time the ball disappeared and reappeared just as it passed my paddle.


I went back online through IE6 to the Silverlight main page and bam! I get a message box with a 1001 error. Works fine in Firefox, though.


NOT a good first impression.

P.S. And why are there so few examples in the gallery anyway?