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    AdamKinney wrote:

    Did you see the Showcase?

    The newest samples show up there.

    I always have problems every time I go looking for Silverlight demos. Either it's for 1.1 (and I'm not installing beta stuff on this machine) OR the most common problem is that pop-up blockers stop me from doing anything.

    I have the Google Toolbar pop-up blocker and the built in IE7 blocker running all the time and they only get in the way with Silverlight stuff. When the Tafiti demo first came out I couldn't figure out why clicking on links did nothing even if I held down CTLR and now the Silverlight demo page does the same. I have to temporarily allow popups to get links to work by clicking on the popups button in the google toolbar AND go to TOOLS/Pop-Up Blocker/Temporarily Allow Popups in IE7.
    I'm assuming holding CTRL only works with plain HTML links?

    Videos buffer quite allot too and some of them are full of horizontal lines when there's lots of fast motion. It's worse than bad interlacing.