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    W3bbo wrote:
    Nitz Walsh wrote:
    mcampbell wrote:
    "As Seen on Bill O'Reilly &
    Fox & Friends"

    There's a ringing endorsement.  "As seen on two of the most retarded programs in US televison history!"

    They're not retarded, they're schemingly contrived exercises in right-wing media. To the untrained eye they look retarded, but I'd bet they've got a team of psycologists writing Bill O'Reilly's lines.

    Remember that the primary goal of any TV show is to get you to watch the commercials. The message that they present is just a way to draw certain demographics to that particular channel/time slot.

    Regardless of the political bent of the programming, they will say anything in order to get people to watch whether their viewers agree with the message or not. This is true of all television programming, Right or Left.