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    Klaus Enevoldsen

    DigitalDud wrote:
    Chadk wrote:
    Wow. Is the cops that paranoid in the US?

    In Denmark they would just ask you to get out of the car and talk to them, and ask if you were aware that you drove too fast, and that its not good for the security, and that they sadly have to give you a ticket.

    What a sad world the US seems to be

    I'm sure if you're smarting off to cops in Denmark you'd get a similar reaction.

    Actually no, the cops are trained to ignore insults, but there are rules for insulting an officer, so that they can arrest you and you can have some time to cool off. Speeding and traffic incidents are handled quite smoothly. But we have much more strict weapon law in Denmark and the cops are not usually in fear of the driver pulling a gun. In some situations the cops have a camera in the front of the car.

    You should always respect the law enforcement! They are there to help you - to serve and protect! Smiley