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    rjdohnert wrote:
    Me: "Dont get too friendly"
    Me: " Is that a trick question?"
    Me: "I dont think so"
    Me: "Got a warrant?"
    Me: "Does this mean I can move without getting a cap in my (I need to watch my language)?"
    Me: "Yeah I would have made it to the full 2 years if you hadnt stopped me"
    Me: Full smart a$$ mode " Well I was going to Fayetteville street before all the hot looking hookers moved on. Nothing worse then getting there and all the hookers are missing teeth and are riddled with all types of STD's"
    Me: " Oh goody. I need the vacation"
    Me: " Classified"
    Me: "Its whatever"
    Me: "sure"

    Sounds like you made the situation more difficult than it needed to be.