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View Thread: so..uh... Nikon wins.. hands down.
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    Minh wrote:
    any pentax user? I'm really seriously looking at that one
    It is ordered!

    But now I know how the price can be a good $200 below Amazon (which probably comes from a 3rd party anyway, but probably has some standards in how they charge).

    * Sir, the SD card you got is incompatible. You need this "hi-speed" card (Was $130, but we'll give it to you for $100)
    * No!
    * OK, what about if we give it to you for $70?
    * No!
    * OK, then the one you ordered is the import package, not the USA package
    * What's the difference
    * Oh, longer warantee...
    * OK, for $20, whatever...
    * OK, now, after we add $50 insurance...
    * What insurance? OK, whatever...

    But overall, with a bag, UV filter, and 2GB SD card, it was only slightly more than Amazon...

    Whatever... THese guys are slick...