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View Thread: so..uh... Nikon wins.. hands down.
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    jamie wrote:
    ..the sad part is nikon's cost alot..  thats why i went with Canon for so long.  but if you live in canada and can drive to a best buy in the states... errr...

    i still say - bite the bullet. get the nikon. even the one with no lens.

    do it! 

    I've been a happy Nikon customer for 10+ years.

    My first digital: 990 Coolpix; full auto and manual, with telefoto 2x and Fisheye lenses, remote, and external flash holder. I get VERY good pictures with bounce-flash using external Nikon flash. Downside: 3.34 megapixels only Sad

    current snapshot digital: Nikon S5; typical point-n-shoot where the built-in flash gives you mediocre pictures. In good sunlight though I get Great pictures.

    Here are a couple of pictures of the 4th heir to my throne:
    Born just this week. Pictures taken with an 8-year old Coolpix 990, no flash. Taken in 35mm size-ratio mode and resized so they don't take up your whole screen here.

    She gets my hariline....for now.

    My next Nikon will be one of their SLR's.  Another year maybe....
    All my relatives rave about the Canon Eos Rebel SLR Digital though..