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View Thread: Police State - It's Coming?
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    Is everyone really fine with the current trend of eroding social and civil liberties?

    Every minuscule action is being legislated, there is no presumption of privacy, the government can spy on your phone or electronic correspondence without a warrant, terrorism laws are being abused to jail citizens, etc...

    This isn't a political issue, regardless of your ideologies, what do you think of this? Am I just being reactionist? Paranoid?

    I read this today:

    Wisconsin News wrote:

    Hoping to deter crime by expanding the use of surveillance cameras, Aberdeen passed a measure that empowers the city government and police to require cameras in new developments.

    The Police Department, the Department of Planning and Community Development, and the Department of Public Works will decide whether a new residential, commercial or industrial development must install cameras at "strategic locations" before a development permit is issued.

    Cameras installed at new developments will be connected to a watch room at the police station.,0,1394895.story