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View Thread: Police State - It's Coming?
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    phreaks wrote:
    harumscarum wrote:
    I think you are being a reactionist and Paranoid but someone has to. 

    So you think it's good for the State to install cameras outside your home and monitored at the Police station?


    We've had this in the UK for a looooong time now. I simply don't see the issue.

    It's public property, what happens on public property is the responsibility of the state, and if the cameras provide a deterrent effect and/or make it easier to identify & aprehend purpetrators then I see nothing wrong (but there was an article that got Dugg last month about some report which said the cameras have a neglibile effect, I never read it, but you know how Digg is the new rallying ground for Ron Paul fanboys).

    The notion of the police using them to "track your every move" is often overstated. Tapes are rarely kept for more than a week and never reviewed, unless someone lodges a request or there's an investigation going on. Also importantly: the cameras are not centrally monitored or networked on any large scale.

    What "right" or "liberty" of yours are these cameras taking away from you? You maintain your right to anonymity and freedom of movement.

    In 1984, the cameras were two-way and forced upon you, including private property. This is nothing of the sort, just sensationlism using scare-mongering.

    I'm more concerned about actual limits to our freedoms. Get the so-called PATRIOT act and the numerous legislations with "Internet", "sex", "chat room", "terrorism", and "copyright" in the same sentance removed, then we'll talk.

    Write to your congressman.