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View Thread: Police State - It's Coming?
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    ScanIAm wrote:
    harumscarum wrote:
    phreaks wrote:
    harumscarum wrote:
    I think you are being a reactionist and Paranoid but someone has to. 

    So you think it's good for the State to install cameras outside your home and monitored at the Police station?


    That would be great. I just got new neighbors and their lawn mower was stolen from their carport. I always leave my stuff out in my car port so I would be able to catch who did it. I also have some critter that keeps getting into my trash at night so I could get it arrested too.

    One or more of my neighbors has desided that the miniscule patch of green in my front yard (a rarity with a townhouse) is a wonderful spot for letting their dog take a dump.

    So, I'm going to fight back by installing a camera so I can figure out who did it and drop the offending dookie on their car.

    Why do people expect that there would be privacy outside?

    That's fine if you want to install a camera on YOUR property, it s a completely different thing if the Government wants to install a camera on YOUR property.

    Being inside or outside has nothing to with privacy.

    Private land is private.

    /Same goes for W3bbo