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IE7: Speed & Addins

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    Michael Griffiths

    I went in and disabled all the non-Microsoft and nonessential addins that load without permission. Most of them weren't currently loaded.

    I had a substantial speed increase in page loading time.

    Particularly with Hotmail, which went from being "meh" fast to being practically faster to bring up than Gmail.


    1) Is there a bloody better way to manage addins in IE than the terrible dialogue the Internet Options?
    2) Why is there such a tremendous speed increase from disabling a bunch of ActiveX controls (none where BHOs)? Sure, I can speculate as to why, but it seems idiotic - IE would slow down the more websites (and stupid "addins) you installed.

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    Sven Groot

    Add-ins can and most often do subscribe to browser events. Since these event handlers are all run synchronously the add-ins are in a position to slow down page loading.

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