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    What would be the best route to create a system that allows end users to record where stock is located on arrival? As an example I will use Tesco (Wal-Mart for you guys) who receive huge amounts of stock daily.

    Obviously it is helpful to know exactly where that stock is located after being unloaded off vehicles, and a 2 or 3D simulation indicating purchase order x is here and purchase order y is there would be great! This reduces the amount of time wasted trying locate stock and reduces chances of it going missing.

    This surely is not a unique situation? Is there some resonably priced software available (tried google and that is tenuous), or is there an open source project you're aware of? This is something WPF would be excellent for.

    For a crude example lets say I have 100 boxes of trainers (sneakers) and I can place then anywhere in the following schema. When I finish work the next shift must be able to easily determine where trainer number x-y-z is. The focus is on software here.

    Oh, is there any easy way to replicate this schema in software without being a architect?

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    Dr Herbie

    As far as I'm aware (through limited experience writing software for factories) most warehouses will have a location scheme based on aisles, stacks and shelves rather than a geographic x,y coordinate system.

    Perhaps a more useful system would be one that tracks available space in the warehouse stacks -- 100 boxes of trainers arrive, but where will they fit?


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    Exactly right, they have their fixed ailes and the temporary ones to process stock that has just arrived, this is then checked by quality control before being located permanently.

    The big problem here is that they receive a lot of stock that is held temporarily upon arrival (the location is not recorded). Finding stock takes ages (or it gets lost) because the location is not recorded upon initial receipt. This is because it is difficult to marry what is still temporarily kept with stock that has been permamently (approved) located by another team.

    I need a visual aid that the staff that receive the goods can indicate where they have put it, and the staff that locate it indicate that the stock has been moved, in this temporary space.

    Solving this problem will then allow one to focus on the fixed ailes and maintenance.

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