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    chaos legion

    help!!!!! im a gamer fanatic and every game i play seems to be too easy i need sum help on what game to play

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    chaos legion wrote:
    help!!!!! im a gamer fanatic and every game i play seems to be too easy i need sum help on what game to play

    If you really were a "gamer fanatic" you wouldn't be asking on a software development forum full of middle-aged men with families for advice on games for a competitor's platform. It's a given you'd sort-of know that stuff inherently. Don't you ever check around Gamespy or Gamespot?

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    meh you whippersnappers and your fancy video television games. Nothing wrong with a fancy game of marbles.

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    First, buy a pc, then buy Farcry.  Load up on the hardest setting.  Come back if you ever finish it.

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    Am looking at new PS3 for ChristmaS. Just saw there's a new Burnout coming out. Burnout 3 was awesome but Burnout 4 was just a bit too overdone and some of the fun removed. And am wanting to play Killzone 2 on HD Smiley

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    No offence, but you don't sound like a "gamer fanatic" to me either.

    All the proper gamers I know type properly, and don't shorten down words. I don't do it because I just don't see the point (well, I do, but I just don't like it).

    And why're you still on PS2? Nobody's really going to be developing games for it any more. Pick up an Xbox/Xbox360 or a PS3... I doubt if you're that much of a "gamer fanatic" you'd want a wii.

    And maybe Runescape is a challenge for you. Not to say it's excellent, the graphics SUCK but hey... There are HUNDREDs of missions and 29 skills IIRC, a massive community of players and the "wilderness" where you can kill/annihilate/massacre players. I used to be pretty good at this, and it DOES take time and it IS difficult to be able to go out for more than half a minute without get completely owned.

    But like I said, I don't think you're a fanatic. I find the real fanatics/decent players all play down their skills.

    And the fact you signed up with Chaos in your name just tells me you're a wannabe cracker that wants to sound cool.

    /my two cents

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    Wanna fly the biggest ship in the game, the Titan? You're looking at 2 years of real life skill research. Take that as a challenge Smiley

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