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Windows Live SkyDrive storage doubled and other updates

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    Windows Live SkyDrive storage doubled and other updates

    Windows Live SkyDrive storage has been doubled to 1GB.
    Other updates to SkyDrive are:

    Now you will be notified via RSS feed when someone adds a file to a specific folder, you have to subscribe to an RSS feed, by going to the public folder that you’re interested in, and click on the orange RSS Feed icon.

    Earlier it was difficult to share with those who are not on the Contacts, address book. So one has to goto Hotmail or Messenger in order to add someone to our address books. But now one can add from SkyDrive itself.

    Also, now you can share with non Live IDs. In the past, only Live ID contacts would appear in your contact list. Now, you can share with any e-mail address. The owner of the non Live ID e-mail address will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to access the shared folder.
    Now name of the person who has uploaded the file will be displayed, so we will able to know this.

    All these improvements are welcome as they are all based on users feedbacks. Now what the users wanted are implemented by SkyDrive Team. Thanks !
    (Updates to Windows Live SkyDrive!)

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    Sven Groot

    Meh, wake me when it's available in Japan.

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    not to seem like an a-hole, but can you not use this forum as an Advertisment for your blog?

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    ^^ More screenshots were given in the Blog, that's why I had given the link.
    I'll try to put the screenshots also here.

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