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Word 2007: Getting a Content Control to lookup the Document Revision metadata field

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    Hi everyone,

    I’m confused/wondering how to do the following…

    I have created a document template that forces users to use our department’s styles and theme when creating new documents.

    One of the things I require is for word to automatically enter the document revision number which is placed inside a textbox which is then inside the footer. (I can’t show you a screenshot via this websites contact page).

    The problem I have is this,
    I’m using a field to insert the documents “revision number” which is under the Documents Properties. Since it’s in a textbox (and it needs to be) it won’t automatically update the field even though I have created a macro for it to update all fields on upon opening the document. Because it appears that the macro can’t see the field inside a textbox.

    So I was wondering if there was a way to create a “Content Control” that would look up the “revision number” inside the documents properties. And update it automatically. I’m hoping that by using Content Control instead of a Field. It would work even being placed inside a textbox.

    The reason why I thought about using a Content Control to look up the Revision Number info, is because Word 2007 uses content control to read and write into other document properties (comments, title etc). So why not the Revision field?

    Anyone know?


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