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New MVC framework, what do you think?

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    Was watching Scott Hanslemans video over here and liked what I saw.

    I've just finished building a product using the WCSF and MVP pattern and found it a good pattern for our project, although you have to be very disiplined with yoru testing and keeping to the pattern for it to be useful.

    Through having done a little RoR I immediately identified with the pattern and the way it works and it looks like a good framework to consider for building future web apps, what do you lot think?

    Where does this sit with WCSF, patterns and practices team and the Enterprise Library?

    Is it just another option to entice RoR people over to .Net?

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    It enticed Phil Haack to be borged; so I have great hopes for it

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    It is a fantastic start to a new, better way of developing ASP.NET applications.  It has a long way to go though.

    I don't think it'll convince any Rails converts to switch or switch back to ASP.NET.  It'll be nice to do actual MVC in a framework that can scale though *cough*.

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    JChung2006 wrote:
    It'll be nice to do actual MVC in a framework that can scale though *cough*.

    Don't believe every negative thing you hear about Rails - in the same way don't believe all of the hype.

    I am quite interested, but always kept meaning to look at ProMesh - this is to totally replace ASP.Net isn't it? It doesn't sit on top of the ASP.Net pipeline beyond the HttpHandler?

    It is nice to see Microsoft catching up though, and the thought of finally getting rid of ASP.Net as the main criteria when looking for work is very pleasing Smiley

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    Seems like a more "official" version of MonoRails.  Either way, choice is good.

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