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    Cornelius Ellsonpeter

    blowdart wrote:
    Cornelius Ellsonpeter wrote:
    I'm just curious what everybody's language/technology experience is, and how long it took you to get to that point. Often times I'll read so many posts on this board, and it seems like there are a few people who seem to know "everything" but I know that can't be true. Some days I find that interesting, other days, it's tiring because I wonder how many people just sit and Google things and then claim to "know" the answer.

    It's not the language that's the problem, it's the size of the framework behind it. C#? I'm comfortable with most of it (anonymous delegate still make me cringe, and I never manage to get predicates right without looking it up again), but the framework? Lord. Right now I'm doing a bunch of cardspace stuff, and I can get just about enough advanced WCF to make it work, but some of it is still guesswork (admittedly due to poor documentation)
    I agree...some of these frameworks are so huge. And then, by the time you have a general enough handle on it, another one rolls out. These things are being produced by teams of people, and so it is going to be overwhelming for one person to learn (and least I'm finding it that way). Incomplete documentation doesn't help, either. I'm fairly comfortable now with C# also, and I know it wouldn't take much to get a decent handle on VB.NET (because I used other BASICs in the past, and know a fair amount about object orientated programming, etc.). I'm to the point where I've built up a decent rack full of books, but good grief I'm not going to spend years reading through every page of them. Some of them are there for reference.

    I guess it's just irritating to come on here some days and see a W3bbo post where he claims to have an answer, but it's half wrong. Then I'll see someone else join in, and their info is mixed up too. I guess most forums are like that...but it's just frustrating some days more than others. I know, I know...why do I even come here then? Perplexed