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Your Own Window Manager

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    thumbtacks2 much work would it take to develop your own lightweight window manager? For say...oh, I dunno...Linux. Seeing that several window managers could potentially be sucked into patent trouble, I'm wondering if it is worth it to revisit some old UI ideas.

    For fun, ya know. Wink

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    There was an interesting concept I read about a while ago, that dispensed with today's floating windows and went back to Windows 1.0-style non-overlapping windows.

    It worked well because the minimum display dimensions were so high. The "spatial desktop" is a paradigm from an old era, when people needed to relate their computers to the real world.

    Basically you have a grid (but with colspans and rowspans) of windows which can all be resized, no windows are floating (except message boxes, but they're modal), along with a "dashboard" of information (about an inch tall) at the bottom of the screen with buttons sending you to different workspaces, the program launcher, and tools for selecting what window occupies which grid cells).

    All I saw were some mockups done in photoshop, but I'd love to see you make this a reality Smiley

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    Have you seen "matchbox" window manager? It's designed mainly for PDA distributions (which do not exist, unfortunately) and it somewhat imitates the Windows Mobile windowing paradigm, which is approximately what you've said.

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