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Lara Croft must die! Escapist Games Review.

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    Sabot wrote:

    Enjoy !

    Haha, yeah!  I went through all of the newer Zero-P videos yesterday, and that one was hilarious.  Especially because the drawing of Lara was simple but you weren't confused about which figure she was Smiley

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    ..not treating the old girl to well...



    It's funny. I think the best 2 are the Peggle and BioShock review. I can still watch the BioShock review and cry with laughter.. it's just that good.

    Always cracks me up:

    But in the bad ending you're like some cross between Hitler and Skeletor who's p!ss is pure liquid malevolence.

    With all the on screen Hitler faces and Skeletor armour, it's just freakin' brilliant.

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