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DDD6 Session Voting is Now Open ...

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    HERE !

    Barry Dorrans (Blowdart) has some very interesting sessions this time round, I am intrigued by the Web Services one, so I'm voting for that!

    Other sessions that caught my eye are, Guy Smith-Ferrier doing a session on Astoria,  Chris Seary has a session on 'Security for Software Vendors' which I can sense is going to be a popular one and where would DDD be without a session from Dave and Rich ... Swaggily Fortunes from NxtGenUG's answer to Ant & Dec!

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    Colin Angus Mackay

    Don't forget to vote for my session! Smiley

    Seriously, Gary Short has an excellent set of presentations, so I'm looking forward to that. Richard Fennell has a presentation on "What is Scrum?" which looks good. Chris Hay has a couple of good looking presentations on Silverlight - I'm more keen on Silverlight 1.1 as I hate javascript.

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