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    the_corona wrote:
    Am I the only one that finds silverlight completely unusable? It uses way too much CPU, enough in fact to have the audio go completely out of sync with the video.

    For instance I was watching (well trying, but gave up) this:

    Watching it in the windows, gives me about 80-90% CPU usage, but audio already goes out of sync. If I double click to go to fullscreen, than its at 100% all the time and I get like 10-15 fps on the video or something. I tested this on FF and IE7 on Vista 64, as well as on FF in XP SP2. CPU is an athlon 64 3200+ for the vista system and a sempron 3000+ for xp.

    Is there something I can do, or is that just the way it is? Surely that can't be, I can playback 1080i video on the vista machine with less cpu usage Sad

    Please help

    Edit: fixed long URL

    Watched it on a dual core w/ IE 7, had no problem.