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    There's a few minor issues as I see it:

    • You need to change the "Join Us" link colour on the 'who we are' banner-logo-thingamabob, or simply keep it white. Also you should only display that on the front page, in my opinion.
    • Contact Us should not be a pop-up. Neither should product descriptions.
    • The copyright and the links at the bottom looks malplaced, in that they're not aligned with each other, or centered.
    • I'm a bit dubious as to the stars on the technology page, it doesn't seem all that professional to me. I assume it means "preferred", but you'd only show techs you are competent and comfortable with, right?
    • The font used for the subheadings on services is a bit too big, making it wash a bit with the title and the content - Make it a bit smaller, or place it just under the border. Also, you need more spacing between each section, like you have on technology and products.
    • You might want to show a screenshot with each product on the products page. Add some life to it.
    • Not very professional with "validate xhtml/css" links. This is something you put on your blog or personal website perhaps, but not a business site.

    Other than that, it has a very aesthetically pleasing look and it reads well. The design might be a bit boilerplate, and reminds me of the site. But designs don't have to be new and amazing to be good.