jsampsonPC wrote:

prencher wrote:
...My preferences in no way conflict with yours, so I do not understand why you try to force your values on me. We can both have our cake and eat it too.

Who said I was trying to force my values on you? All I did was ask if the c9 team would allow us to post videos from non-soapbox sources. YOU came in and started talking about censorship, etc. That's another topic in and of itself. I agree with you though, I would prefer the option of enabling/disabling filters.

I don't turn a blind-eye to authorities. "Just do as we say because we say so" doesn't fly well with me. So I agree with you, if a filter-feature were implemented, that would make me even happier...but I suspect that feater would take more work to implement than a youtube-embed feature.

Friends again?

Well I do apologise.

The paragraph about filtering was in relation to the whole "BJ" discussion, where I interpreted your mentioning of filtering on this forum, as a built-in censorship/filter feature. I blame my developer mindset. Wink

Good moderation is absolutely crucial on active forums, but it should be on the shoulders of a user enabled filter to "moderate" out profanity if they do not want to see it. There is a difference between someone saying 'fsck' and someone trolling after all Smiley

It sounds like we agree on the approach though.