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View Thread: Web 2.0 Expo Girly Geekdom Competition - for UK Students
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    Hi Everyone,

    Firstly I'm going to apologise in advance as I'm pretty sure the guys on here are going to go mad at me... but the comp is only open to the girls! 

    Secondly... I'm going to say I also have a discount code for 100 Euro off of the list price to the Expo Conference... so if you are interested in going and want the discount then contact me via the girlygeekdom blog

    And finally!  Girls if you are interested in the competition then please go to the website and read all the details!

    Best of luck!


    ps I'm hoping you don't all shout at this and call it spam, I saw it as an opportunity to get more of the C9 guys getting the girls involved with the scene as well as getting the girl students involved a bit... I'm also hoping that this will get passed along to the other relevant MS groups to pass the details out to the students.  (I can but live in hope!)