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    You must move forwards, not backwards, upwards, not forwards, and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom.

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    Rossj wrote:
    Dude, that sucks, last time it happened to me I was physically sick - but look forwards not back and on to better and bigger things

    You know I thought I would be too...but I'm actualy glad. It's ironic because working here we just have time after time after time of layoffs and so you go through this...

    "Will I get it this time...?"
    "What will I do if I get laid off?"
    "Will my serverance help?"
    "What will my wife/kinds say/think?"

    But after awhile and watching success stories you're kinda like "OK, it'll be cool."...and it is, to the point people who didn't get laid off are upset because they're ready to go.

    I was on a really great team, and everyone in the building was friends of everyone else, so we're all networking, etc.

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