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"always connected" wireless connection

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    I've got a desktop PC that has a d-link wireless adapter that I want to be able to remote into.  Unfortunately, the PC isn't part of the network unless someone's already logged into it.  (I suppose the network connection is part of the user session.) 

    Any ideas how I can make it act like a wired PC and always ready to accept remote connections? Perplexed

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    Sven Groot

    Don't know if this will help you, but it's sort of related. I had a similar problem with a broadband DSL connection. In that particular case I also had the problem that I have a dynamic IP address which changes every time I connect.

    My solution for the second problem, DynDNS, also brought the solution for the first; the DynDNS client can be installed as a service and it can make the connection. In this case the connection is made from the service account when the service starts and stays active regardless if anyone is logged on.

    So basically, if all else fails, you need a service that connects to the wireless network. I'm not sure if that exists, though.

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    try removing the wireless network information from the PC and then re-add it.
    I use remote desktop from school to my home computer, but my account doesn't have to be logged on initially for it to work. (and I use wireless as well)

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