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Live ID linking

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    I recently found out, via LiveSide, that you can now link multiple Live ID's. This has been a much-requested feature for some time now, and the Live ID team decided to introduce it without any announcement whatsoever. The Live ID blog hasn't been updated since september, and any questions about it in the comments section, as usual, go ignored.

    Very, very poor.

    Anyway, the linking itself, by the way, is only marginally useful. You still can't login to Live Messenger with one account and see contacts of both accounts, for instance. The best thing you can do is go to live mail, see your inbox for one account, and then switch to your inbox for the other account by selecting it from a dropdown. Sure, it's convenient that you don't have to login as the other user, but.. why is it so limited?

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    But if I'm logged in with my Gmail live ID I can't access my Hotmail. Sad

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