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How could Vista miss such an obvious thing?

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    When setting up my folder views, one feature that stands out is the live preview.  However, I've noticed that live preview isn't part of the per folder settings.  So if I enable it, it's enabled for all folders.

    Is there a hack to change it so that it's only used for a few folders, specifically search folders?


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    Actually it is per folder, just like XP.

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    Unfortunately that's only the case for some folders

    i.e. If I enable preview for a desktop folder, the other folders on the desktop don't have it (which is expected), however C: and some other folders within program files now have the preview pane as well.

    If I disable the preview panel from one of the folders that have it enabled, thanks to the system enabing it in certain folders for no reason, then the original folder that had the preview and all the other folders that had it, no longer do.

    EDIT: nvm, I tried it again and it finally worked.  I guess this was only a temporary bug.

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    Or you just didn't do it right?

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    nvm the issue is still here, preview pane is supported for folders, however the issue still stands when you're using search folders.

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