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AVG AntiVirus problems

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    Anyone else having problems with AVG (Resident) shell extension, since the latest update ?

    I've had to diable the Resident protection, otherwise the whole Windows UI eventually blocks. I've created a screencast of me fumbling around with Process Explorer, etc, reproducing the problem, if anyone is interested.

    PS: I probably should send the screencast to Grisoft, but, I'm not using their full version on the particular laptop, and so it's just so much of a bother to figure out how to email 'em, otherwise.  PITA...

    We'll see what happens, I suppose...

    EDIT:  I retract the offer of sending this screencast, as I would need to carefully go over it to see wether I'm exposing anything that might be considered a little too confidential... don't really have the time, ATM.

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    No problems here, on Windows XP SP2 with the latest version of AVG Free (program version 7.5.488, released 7/21/07 3:09 PM).

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    Yeah, same version and date here.

    The trick seems to be browsing a network share, and then sorting the files by their creation date/time, a few times. When triggered, Explorer's Working Set continues to increase, and eventually the Windows UI just gets "blocked".

    I have to disconnect the Wireless network connection, and wait for the Shell to timeout/recover, and  then disable the Resident Protection.

    PS: I've found and posted this to [Grisoft's Free Forums]

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