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Oxite -- When were you going to tell us Adam and Duncan?

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    Dr Herbie

    Stumbled on Oxite over at Codeplex.

    Trying to sneak an Open Source release past us, Adam Kinney and Duncanma ?

    And you thought we wouldn't notice .... Wink


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    Ouch the Virtual Path Provider? We looked at that for subtext, but it requires full trust, and well good luck getting shared hosting working with that.

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    I know what you are saying Blowdart about the Virtual Path Provider, but this was based off of the basic model we were using on, which in turn follows a similar model to what the new MSDN site is using... so getting Full Trust wasn't really a problem for us.

    I'm running sites using VPP on three different hosts now though and in each case I either had Full Trust already or I asked them to enable it. Certainly not an option with every host, but it might not be a show stopper for everyone.

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