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Whats Your Favourite MSDN Article?

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    MSDN is a Goldmine! I know you guys need no convincing.

    So this is a chance to scour your favourites and post some of your favourite goldmine MSDN goodness!

    Don't forget to say why you like this article, that way we can feedback so MS can do more of the same.

    . Metropolis - by Sir Pat Helland (Version 2.0 - I'm so glad he's back)

    This article was the catalyst on my SOA and Services journey, which now pays the mortgage and for the car!

    . Secrets of Great Architects - by Don Awalt and Rick McUmber

    This article lets the cat out of the bag on what makes an architect a good architect.

    . SOA in the Real World - by David Linthicum

    This article is the 'must read' before embarking on SOA. It hits the nail on the head about what it is and isn't and why you should care.

    Right, that's enough from the Architects perspective what about you developers, designers and students then .....

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