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View Thread: Hi, I'm Chris and I am a VB.NET developer !
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    Although I prefer to use C# for most of the code I write, there are times when VB.NET seems better.  For example VB.NET has a lot of templates for that save time, versus C#, which is more of a tooling issue than anything (i.e. in VB.NET 2005 you have options for automagically generating code to handle single-instance applications and so on).  Late-binding is very helpful when doing a lot of COM Interop, so you can skip adding all the optional Reflection.Missing parameters that are required by C#, but not VB.NET.

    I think that I can write in VB.NET and C# equally well, however, and really having any bias against one or the other is more of a reflection of the ignorance of the person who think VB.NET is somehow "weaker" or "a toy" compared to C#, because it's completely irrelevant in the big scheme of things aside from the forementioned benefits of late-binding and VS templates, and the forthcoming XML literals and dynamic features of VB.NET.

    Making a UI in VB.NET in the future with XML literals and dynamicism is going to make it a lot easier to write than it currently is without those features.