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    Klaus Enevoldsen

    Microsoft has released a beta of their UX Guidelines for Windows Vista. It is a great guide and it has a lot of great advice. Those 600+ pages are easily read. J Lots of screen shots of good and bad ways to create GUI.

    I want to follow those guidelines!

    But I can’t!

    Because the controls that are used in Vista are not a part of the .NET framework. I could create the controls myself, but I like RAD and making a lot of user controls to follow the guidelines is not RAD.

    I guess I could buy the controls from a third part company. But I don’t want to!

    This is what I want:

    1)      When Microsoft releases a new OS with new guidelines, all ordinary controls that they use should be included in the .NET framework delivered with the OS.

    2)      When Microsoft releases a new version of Office I want the controls that they use (so that when I create applications that interact with Office, I can create a consistent UI that follow that written in the UX guide).

    3)      Faster delivery of the Guidelines when the OS is released (the UX guidelines is not yet completed and Vista is almost a year old).

    Any feedback? Big Smile