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Decent HTML Editor

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    i know  alot of people like using notepad but i hate it so am after a good decent HTML/XHTML IDE for use on Vista.

    dont care if i have to pay for it, but less than £200.


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    Dharma Punk

    Visual Web Developer?
    Aptana? (If you don't mind something based on the Eclipse platform)

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    PrimalScript 2007, is easily the best. IMHO.

    Get the 45 day trial, you will love it.

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    I love it Smiley

    I've done HTML for years, and overall, Notepad++ is the best. I still use notepad for smaller stuff, but Notepad++ for the biiig stuff.

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    Visual Studio Web Developer Express includes excellent HTML/XHTML editor/validator features.

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    Notepad ++ is the best by far Big Smile

    And it is free - give it a spin

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    I used Aptana to create a website for someone a while back.  It beat using Notepad2 or jEdit (my previous choice):  CSS and HTML completion were both great, and it embeds Internet Explorer as its preview pane.  Yes, it is Java, but performance is decent once it gets started (on Java 6).

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    any chance it comes with a version of Visual Stuido Xaero_Vincent??

    i dont want to bother with Java so thats out the window, thanks anyway guys

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    I'm transitioning over to Expression Web, but if that's a bit too complex for you I'd recommend CSE HTML Validator (for HTML) if only because it's nice and simple but has a really good Validation/Accessability checker engine (as well as a spell checker) and TopStyle Pro for CSS.


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