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Microsoft backs improper text messaging

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    So being bored I decided to read techmeme...I quit because it's like stack ranking for blogs, which isn't neccessarily the best journalism, but eh, anyways...

    I noticed the article...

    Facebook sued for mis-sending dirty text

    Awww, sucks to be Facebook right now right? I guess not as....

    "Facebook has been sued for bombarding the wrong people with intermittently-X-rated mobile text messages.  —  Earlier this week, an Indiana mommy named Lindsey Abrams filed a federal class action suit against the Microsoft-propped social networking site."

    Now yeah, the article is from The Register which I think is some "rag" over in the UK that isn't dependable (It's one of them), but still I find it amazing, all of a sudden now Facebook is backed by Microsoft and that is all there is too it.

    I'm willing to bet if Google had got the first round, no one would have heard anything.

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    Undoubtably, because Google is good.

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    Villify Microsoft = Quick Bucks  Wink

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    Oh come on... don't slag off good old El Reg, they do post some interesting stuff.

    They even have the odd Paris Hilton story for those of you who need their fix of celebrity (said with a big pinch of salt and finger quotes Smiley ) lives or lack thereof.

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    RobbieCrusoe wrote:
    Oh come on... don't slag off good old El Reg, they do post some interesting stuff.

    Please don't do that again, your sarcasm spilled all over my keyboard and now it's a pain to clean up Smiley

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    Wow interesting enough....C9's article made it on Techmeme.

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