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    the-laughing-man wrote:
    Sometimes knowing how licences work is handy

    The plot thickens.

    Turns out this office has a VLK for Windows and Office, so I could just use my Windows XP VLK CD.

    Windows installed fine, the problem now is with Office 2007.

    The company has an Office 2007 Volume License, and a valid Office 2007 Enterprise key.

    ....but the Office 2007 Enterprise installer flat-out rejects it. I gave Microsoft a ring (long distance, because I can't find the Activation/Key support number for the UK), they said it was legit, and since it is legit they can't provide support (for that I'd have to give Microsoft UK a phone call.... but they're Monday-Friday 0800-1700).


    Yet another case of where being legit is harder than just torrenting the latest cracked ISOs.... are you listening Microsoft?