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    eagle wrote:
    So what's preventing you from calling the OEM Dell?

    How does someone at a Microsoft call center know if your company is the original owners of these PC's?

    Funny how you never mentioned how the disks suddenly got wiped.......that call center rep must be thinking that the previous owner had them encrypted and password protected.

    The situation:

    it's a satellite office with a bit of an IT emergency, three desktops and a DC, all needing to be rebuilt (long backstory).

    The company has a VLK for Office 2007 Enterprise and Windows XP Professional, but the computers all have OEM XP Pro licenses anyway.

    Being a satellite office they didn't have the necessary stuff here, and I started after 1700h without the out-of-hours numbers of the other guys who'd have the necessary info, and they need it working by Monday. I had to use my initiative.

    Dell couldnt' help me, I needed their installation discs, and they don't give those out over the Internet.