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    eagle wrote:
    W3bbo wrote:
     ;a bit of an IT emergency,

    You're always having urgent issues......

    That's the point, a lot of people take crap from loads of companies, come to me as a last resort, and I get things sorted(TM). Smiley

    But actually, if you start to look at things you'll see I've only posted about ~5 "urgent" threads in the past 3 years, seriously. Out of how many tens of thousands of posts I've made? So your accusation that I'm "always" having urgent issues is an incorrect one Smiley

    eagle wrote:
    Had that company upgraded to Windows Vista all this could have been done remotely by a competent IT Pro. cannot install Windows Vista over the Internet when you're starting out with a blank HDD, and Vista's activation issues are an even bigger PITA than Windows: you don't have to activate VLK versions.

    Finally, my main issue was with Office, not Windows. But alas, that's been resolved too. A torrented version of Office 2007 Enterprise accecepted my legit serial key, my guess was that the trial version of Enterprise only wanted Retails keys, not VLK keys.

    Alls well that ends well.

    Anyway, I really want to see Microsoft ditch VLK/Retail/OEM/Download key disparities.