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    For the last time. I am not talking about after a warrant is issued. I am however, talking about the process of issuing the warrant, from a legal stand point against an encrypted file, which is a closed system.

    What would make the police suspect that an encrypted file contains something illegal, hence to use that to get a warrant?

    I mean they cant use their instinct?

    Suppose someone is walking with a bunch of paper containing highly classified information. Amidst these papers , the police finds an encrypted DVD. The police here has reasonable suspicion that the encrypted DVD contains other highly classified information. Based on this "circumstantial evidence", they can get a warrant from a judge.

    But suppose the same individual, is walking with only the DVD in their DVD player. What gives the police the right to ask for a warrant?
    Is its simply because the DVD is encrypted?

    How do you know if this law is being abused, just like police abuse their use of "teasers" on people.

    Alice and bob live in a system, where cryptography is essentially rendered useless and outlawed.

    My $0.02