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    blowdart wrote:

    SecretSoftware wrote:
    Does that make you a terrorist supporting 9ner? I think yes.

    Ad hominem attacks? Are you really that desperate?

    Are you the same person as dahat? That P.S was directed to him.

    Secondly, The US Is a democracy. Its a democratic republic.

    And once you elect someone, you CAN impeach them if they violate the law.

    Previous presidents were impeached.

    But back to the main topic, from a technological prespective , how can you enforce this law?

    Secondly, why are people OK with this law?, if they are ok with it, then why have encryption at all? Ban cryptosystems all together.

    Finally, if you are telling me that UK is not democratic, then what is the UK doing in iraq? STEALING OIL? or spreading democrasy by the barrel of the GUN?

    I mean you can't having both ways, THE QUEEN does not govern, she is just a historic figure, with no say in the affairs of Government.