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    SecretSoftware wrote:

    But the whole point of encryption is to hide something. Why would you go through all the hard work of encryption something, and only to be foreced to give the keys to it to begin with ?

    This is an assult on privacy, and a rather bold assult , an in your face kind of assult on privacy.

    They should really feel ashamed.

    So you're happy with the DCMA as well? That's a civil law, so corporations are enforcing it; I'd be far more worried about that.

    Straw Man analogy BTW. You may as well say that the police should not have access to search warrants as locks are meant to hide something.

    Whilst I don't agree with the law, there's a presumption of guilt that worries me way too much, having secrets is not a decent rebuttal;

    1) You're only forced as part of a legal process; so judges and evidence need to be invovled, just like search warrants.
    2) You don't have a right to privacy whilst you are commiting legal acts.

    It is not an assault on privacy any more than the existing laws around legal investigations.