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    cheong wrote:
    SecretSoftware wrote:

    PS: suppose Alice uses the One Time Pad, and Alice encrypts a message. The police says to ALice, give us your key or decrypt the message, Alice goes and use a dummy Key to get the dummy message. Given that for an OTP encrypted message , there are an infinite number of possible decryption, how does the police know if the decrypted message is what was in the encrypted message?

    You see , there is a fundamental shift of the onus of proof here. Alice has to proof to the police that she is not hiding illegal stuff in the encrypted file. According to the Law, the onus of proof is upon the police and the prosecutors not the accused.

    That's interesting idea... Perhaps one day I'll make an encryption program that can mix-encrypt one "open" version of diary and the "true" version of diary, plus multiple random documents, then accept multiple sets of key as password - one of each encrypted documents inside the encrypted file.

    Then one day if I have to hand out the key to someone, I can always hide the key for the "true diary".

    Yes! Absolutely. In fact TrueCrypt uses something like this. One password decrypts the outer encrypted file, and it has an inner one.
    You can give them the pass to the outer file, and they see only Britney spears rampage pics.

    You cannot legislate against technology. You cannot enforce laws against the technology because technology is always evolving.

    If unjust laws are passed, and freedoms are outlawed, then only outlaws will have freedom.Big Smile

    There will be a techno-Revolution, where the people will reclaim their privacy, even if Gov'ts pour hell over their heads.