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View Thread: Does VS deserve its title of Best IDE?
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    This is an honest question, and I'd appreciate your feedback (although I suspect Sven might pop up and say it works fine for him Wink ).

    When people talk about IDEs, they invariably get to VS and it invariably gets lauded as 'the best IDE out there' - but is this true?

    I have had various painful issues with VS over the last couple of versions - some big and some just niggly that keep irritating me, and when I spoke to a friend today, he claims that 'the best IDE out there' is generally in reference to VS6.

    Is VS really the best IDE available, or is it riddled with lots and lots of annoying bugs that distract developers from doing what they should be?

    I should note VS2005 is reasonably stable for me when
    - My project is not bound to Visual SourceShag
    - Not using WPF