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View Thread: Does VS deserve its title of Best IDE?
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    zian wrote:
    creditcard wrote:
    When they first came out with the new Visual Studio IDE (VS.NET ?) I really hated it, it was a fat pig of a program. But the newer versions are faster, but I still think VS needs speed improvements and bloat removal.


    Visual Studio feels like an ultimate-do-everything IDE but it feels great when I'm working with pre-existing code.

    I also like NetBeans for Java (which is another do-everything IDE) but it's so very slow to load up (thank goodness for improvements here in NB 6).

    When I want a get-out-of-my-way coding environment, I use Notepad. When I need to grapple with search and replace (especially on large scales), I use a text editor that my brother threw together out of standard Visual Basic 6 controls.

    On second thought, I should try using OneNote for coding because it also saves for me.

    My main complaints with VS:

    • Debugging performance seems to decrease with every new version. In VC6 and VB6 Step-through performance was nice and snappy. In VS2003 there wasn't much difference between Remote Debugging and Local Debugging, but in VS2005 it's getting more laggy. Conditional breakpoints could also do with some performance enhancements
    • Constantly de-emphasising C++; it's a powerful language and the VCC should be Microsoft's pride and joy (even CSC is written in C++)
    • Otherwise, pretty d├ímned good