creditcard wrote:
When they first came out with the new Visual Studio IDE (VS.NET ?) I really hated it, it was a fat pig of a program. But the newer versions are faster, but I still think VS needs speed improvements and bloat removal.


Visual Studio feels like an ultimate-do-everything IDE but it feels great when I'm working with pre-existing code.

I also like NetBeans for Java (which is another do-everything IDE) but it's so very slow to load up (thank goodness for improvements here in NB 6).

When I want a get-out-of-my-way coding environment, I use Notepad. When I need to grapple with search and replace (especially on large scales), I use a text editor that my brother threw together out of standard Visual Basic 6 controls.

On second thought, I should try using OneNote for coding because it also saves for me.