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    John Melville-- MD

    jason818_253.33 wrote:
     So the question is, can you think of a real world situation where the human mind and human networks are used as a way to solve a world problem?

    Yes ... Its called :

    Most of the people who go to work every day.  I personally sit down with seven other doctors (incredibly bright people I work with BTW) and we work out problems of medical diagnosis and treatment.  (Which, despite many people's best efforts, no electronic computer does very well.)

    I think the analogy of the computer to the brain is fundamentally flawed, because the brain is not a computer.  Computers have a remarkable ability to store and retrieve information with bit level accuracy that no human can match.  Ditto for  computation and database query.  Humans, even very young humans, have visual perceptive and pattern recognition skills that tax even the largest computer system.

    Excuse me, I gotta go "network" with my wife.