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Google .. still the Ultimate search

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    After the recent search update I have been using live search for practically all purpose and has been quite satisifed with its results and speed. However, at certain times, either due to its indexing speed or may be due to deficient algorithm it does not give correct result.

    For eg. I searched "blame halo3" on all major ( live, google, yahoo, ask ) search engines. Only google returned the correct result for the video link ( It even listed the channel9 discussion which has been posted few hours ago. Smiley. See the screenshot

    I will still use live search .. but i think live search team should index content more often especially for dynamic sites like channle9 or microsoft sites.

    What u say ?

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    Google is the "KING", Live has a long road ahead before it can compete with google (many years of continous research and improvement), but I got to say it's a rather nice start for Live.

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    Google though is the king, I think Live search has comparatively easy path as most of the problems of the first mover has been experienced by google.

    Google in between used to filled with SPAM and artificially rigged pagerank results. Google has successfully come up from that stage.

    Live team can definitely learn from them, their mistakes, their experiences, then the catch up may not be that long.

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