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    W3bbo wrote:
    CompGuy101 wrote:
    Simple math problems...but instead of text, use a captcha number.

    On the contrary, I proprose incredibly hard math problems (stuff like integrals, hyperbolics, or catastrophe theory if I'm feeling evil). This has numerous advantages:

    • It means only intelligent people are members
    • Not even OCR software would work, since OCR fails terribly at reading complex typesetting. It's going to get confused with greek letters, large operators, and all that
    • The site could make a bunch of money by putting proper math problems as the CAPTCHAs. The site could use the user-generated solutions as an income source as it submits them to the problem's organizers.
      • Although one saying "Prove (or disprove) that the complexity classes P=NP" is a little too far.
        • No, no jokes about N=1
    Requiring CC payment kept the kids out of SA, I don't see why a little degree level CAPTCHA can't keep the idiots out of technical forums

    That is (I would say) an incredibly bad idea. It might be useful to ensure that the people on a forum have a certain level of Mathematical knowledge, but it is rather pointless for anything else (I believe). (If one aims to limit [severely] the number of members [on a forum] then this might work [as the sub-set of the people who could actually solve these problems would be very small {proportionally}]).

    I do like the idea of a challenge (personally), and therefore I might like to attempt to solve something (of this manner [merely for fun]). It is still a very bad idea (in the vast majority of cases).

    Angus Higgins